In modern efficient foundry production, nonstick coatings play a very important role. This is due to the fact that in the manufacture of castings, the stump of the burn reaches thirty percent of the total labor intensity of the manufacture of castings. In addition, operations concerning clean castings are accompanied by the appearance of a large amount of metallic dust, which negatively affects the health of workers, and it is very difficult and not always possible to automate this process.

Coatings for casting manufacturing

One of the simplest methods for solving the issue of removing burns is the use of special nonstick coatings for molds and cores. This is a substance the layers of which are applied to the surface of the casting molds to set the surface of the castings of the required properties.

These substances have special requirements. They must withstand high temperatures, have a high degree of conservation of a constant distribution of particles, high levels of hiding power and adhesion to the surface. Currently, foundry non-stick coating is made of such components:

  • heat resistant base;
  • binder;
  • stabilizing component.

The first component is an important component of the coating. It is the filler that determines its effectiveness. To select a filler, it is necessary to take into account the material of the castings and their geometrical parameters. The main properties characterizing the filler include:

  • heat resistance;
  • melting temperature;
  • coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • grain composition;
  • hardness.

In addition, the substances used must be chemically neutral with respect to the metal used for casting.

When choosing a solvent, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the binder, the hardening conditions and the method of coating. An important point is the same distribution over the surface of the solid particles of the coating used, for which the stabilizer is used.

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