Perma-cote 300W is a water corundum-based nonstick coating for foundry applications.

The coating is used to coat molds and cores when casting steel, gray, wear-resistant and high-strength cast irons, as well as for non-ferrous metals.

It can be used for centrifugal casting and die casting. Also, this coating is suitable for most types of binders, including furan resin, alkaline-phenolic binder and liquid glass.


It is recommended for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings. Before use the paste should be diluted with a proper quantity of water, depending on the way the coating is applied:

  • by brush,
  • by spraying.

It is important that the coating is homogeneous and is held constant during use.

Coated cores and moulds are dried in the air or in an oven (up to 120⁰C).

Storage / Handling Precautions

Perma-cote 300W should be stored in a dry place at a temperature of 4-30⁰C.

Important! Perma-cote 300W coating should not freeze!

Packaging: plastic containers of 25 kg.

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