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Ukrfavorit occupies 30% of the Ukrainian binders market
Company №1 among distributors of 1500 tests on 500 enterprises
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Your benefits from work with us

No need to keep big reserves in your warehouse
We carry out technological support
We render consultations on modernization and procurement of equipment and accessories
We participate in the preparation of production untill starting it
We help to find qualified personnel
We consider the reasons of spoilage in production at each production stage



Our mission: We make the caster’s job easier, the products better due to the strength of English traditions and advanced technologies.
английское качество в Украине

One of the basic needs in the world is casting. And I believe that its production should become easier, more economical and it must not require large expenditures of human strength. To make the work of the casters easier, and to produce better quality products – to ensure the quality of professionals – this is the philosophy of our company. Our country has a great future, and I am glad that our philosophy is a part of this movement forward.

The owner of Ukrfavorit ltd Elena Isaieva

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Modern solutions for casting


Modern high-performance products for foundries


For No-bake and Cold box process, sand mixers, sand recovery systems and process control systems


Development, support and maintenance of technological processes for the production of high-quality castings

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Ukrfavorit ltd is a reliable supplier of high-quality materials for the foundry production.

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Frequently asked Questions

We are an official and exclusive distributor of Eurotek Foundry Products ltd (manufactured in Great Britain) on the territory of Ukraine.

Delivery is carried out within 3-5 calendar days after receiving the requisition; we take care of our customers and remove the headache from suppliers.

We cherish the foundry workers’ nerves; we are ready to send our technical specialists to work out the technology for using Eurotek materials.

The specialists of Ukrfavorit will help to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the equipment, after that they will be able to offer options for upgrading the equipment of the client or select the best option for the equipment of Eurotek.

When choosing the optimal No-bake and Cold box process, many factors are taken into account: the cast alloys, the design features of the castings, the technological capabilities of production, etc. The choice of the optimal No-bake and Cold box process is carried out individually.

A large number of factors influence the choice of catalyst (temperature, required curing time, amount of regenerate used, pH sand).

The choice of the required nonstick coating is influenced by the molding process, the cast alloy, the dimensions of the casting, the method of coating.

Clients appreciate us for undertaking any difficult tasks in the production of castings and get the result that they can be proud of.

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17, Yaroslav Mudryi Street