Proven English technologies honed over the centuries

For manufacturing various parts and mechanisms it is impossible to do without the foundry equipment. It allows you to turn the mixture into an alloy from which the necessary products will be made in future. Modern equipment for foundry production allows minimizing human labor and eliminating the influence of the human factor on the technological process. In addition, almost all the processes of foundry production are amenable to automation that allows significantly increasing production volumes and improving product quality.

Modern equipment for casting factories

The company “Ukrfavorit” offers a specialized range of installations and machines for the foundry which includes:

  • High speed sand mixers. These installations are characterized by high performance up to 60 tons per hour; they are used for all processes of cold curing. Paddles for mixing are made of high-strength cast iron providing increased wear resistance and long service life. Inverters for chemicals are installed in the pumps which provide energy-saving modes of operation and savings of energy resources and money.
  • Installation for the regeneration of the mixture TROJAN. The company proposes to purchase molding sand regeneration systems which can be used in foundries where the placement density plays an important role. Installation of units on a common platform provides quick assembly work and simplicity of maintenance.
  • Component materials. We can buy casting equipment and components for mixers, in particular pumps for the preparation of No-bake and Cold box processes mixtures, a unit controlling the operation of the mixer and technological process control.
  • Manipulators. We offer to purchase various manipulators for the assembly and transportation of injection molds of various capacities and types. You can choose electric, pneumatic or hydraulic manipulators depending on the process requirements.

European equipment from Ukrfavorit ltd

Our experts from the technical department will help you choose and buy the casting equipment that will fully meet the needs of your production. We work directly with European suppliers, so we can guarantee high reliability of the equipment which will allow our customers to produce only high-quality products.



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