Your benefits from working with us

Training and internship at the best foundries in Europe.
Instant practical application of the training results.
Attention, support and mentoring from department heads and the business owner.
Communication with the elite of casting production (Ukrfavorit’s portfolio includes more than 100 large manufactures).
Career growth and increase of each employee competence.
Employees achievements and results are awarded by the company, city and country.

You have come to this page – that means you have already heard or read about our Team. And most probably, you would like to change your life and career for the better! All the information given below is illustrated and presented in details on our site or in social networks. You can also check it live – by becoming one of us.

Our company’s vision is To make the caster’s job easier and the products are better due to the strength of English traditions and advanced technologies.

We have been cooperating with the British company EUROTEK since 2016, as we know that England represents the oldest traditions in casting and is a lawmaker with English pedantry. EUROTEK, among all the well-known manufacturers the foundry industry, combines both the production of materials and equipment for the No-bake and Cold box processes. Specialists of the Ukrfavorit company visits the foundries in Denmark, where they get acquainted with the technological equipment of enterprises and the system of the production organization within the companies which produce castings. EUROTEK representatives also come to Ukraine to participate in exhibitions and to set up the technological processes. That contributes to a systematic experience exchange and stable international cooperation.

We know that customer success and our achievements must be planned. We are sure that if we do not plan the future, the future will plan us. Much of what we dreamed of several years ago was achieved. You can see the results of our activity over the past years on our website We follow a strategic development plan which is supplemented and improved every year. Each employee participates in the development and implementation of the plan.

Our achievements are recognized at the state level: In 2016, Ukrfavorit was awarded For high economic results, a significant contribution to the social and economic development of Melitopol, fruitful cooperation with local governments. The company was named as one of the best employers in the region. In 2017, Ukrfavorit Ltd. was among the best enterprises in the Zaporizhia region and was awarded the diploma For conscientious work, high professionalism, and a significant personal contribution to the social and economic development of Zaporizhia region.

Ukrfavorit is a small company of 20 people. Together we have done a lot and will do even more! We put our heart into all things we do. Customers choose and value us because of this.

Our main customers are foundry managers (owners, directors, production managers, technologists and suppliers). They are not ordinary customers. That is why we try to find such solutions that would reduce the costs, time and increase efficiency along with that. Therefore we have an individual approach to each company and work shoulder to shoulder with our customers.

In Ukrfavorit, each new project is developed from scratch. To ensure good interaction during implementation, strategically important functions are distributed between our departments carefully, as well as responsibility and duties are distributed between us.

The founder and owner of the company, Elena Isaieva started the business in 2008. Elena Isaieva is actively involved in the work of the company. In addition to her main responsibilities, she shares her experience, conducts apprenticeships for new employees and pays attention to each member of our team, even when she is on a business trip. More than once Elena Isaieva received awards and won state competitions. Some of the latest are The Best Entrepreneur of the Year in the nomination The Best Taxpayer in 2018-2019, Mistress of Her Land in the nomination The Head of the Enterprise in 2019.

The director of the enterprise, Denis Burdin has been working in metallurgy since 2006. He started his career as a designer of induction furnaces. In 2011 he worked as technical director, and in 2017 he became the director of Ukrfavorit Ltd. He was trained to implement materials and equipment for the No-bake and Cold box processes in Denmark. He was awarded an honorary diploma by Melitopol City Council for the dedication to the chosen field, an active life position, and a significant contribution to the development of the city on the occasion of the 234th anniversary of the city of Melitopol founding.

With the whole team we:

  • have developed and implemented the Budget module and the Accounting for fuel and lubricants module to the 1C application as well as the payment policy and the systems for working with receivables;
  • provide 100% support for the caster at any stage of production;
  • help to introduce the standards recognized in Europe into Ukrainian casting production;
  • are the participants in international foundry exhibitions and training workshops.

During the operation process, each of our employees is in direct contact with the leadership and receives tutorage, support and mentoring from managers. As soon as new employees come to the company, the profile of the position is introduced to them. The profile outlines the main responsibilities and duties. The new employees undergo an internship in each department of the company. During the internship, we would like everyone who joins us to have a good understanding of the business and easy navigation to start operating from the first days.

Working with us, you will need technical literacy in the foundry industry and a professional approach. Complete instructions and the study of technical materials will help you with this. At any time, you can get advice from our technologist or explanations from your immediate supervisor. Our instructions are taken from the practice of the foundry business. They reflect our great experience as well as the expertise of the leading companies in the field. Each of our employees receives the opportunity for practical application of the trained skills. Everything you are trained while you are working for our company you can get here only. In Ukrfavorit there is an opportunity for a career growth of each employee.

Weekly at the meetings we coordinate company programs and department activities. All employees have their own parts at the meetings. The technical department as well as the sales department spends a lot of time on business trips. This makes it possible to know our customers personally and deal their problems closely. We do our best to make our clients feel proud of their results.

We have an exceptionally respectful relationship with each other and with our customers. We believe that satisfied employees do a better job. Our managers provide everything necessary for the stuff so that each of them is happy and conveys happiness to the clients.

When the total income is received, we distribute it according to the contribution of each team player who invests in the work and prosperity of the company.

The management of our company considers the achievements and results of their stuff. Many employees receive personal thanks and bonuses from the Director and the Owner. For example, in 2018, the entire Ukrfavorit team was awarded by the Owner for special achievements with a holiday in Cyprus.


Join us and you can take part in numerous social projects as well as grow and develop with us!

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