This is a magnesite and isopropanol alcohol based mould and core coating. It is used for sand moulds and cores when pouring manganese steel castings. It is suitable for use on moulds and cores of any size, prepared from furan, phenolic or sodium silicate – binder systems.


It can be applied:

  • by brushing
  • by dipping
  • by flooding
  • by spraying

When dipping or spraying the coating must be diluted by ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. The coating should be well mixed before use or dilution. It is recommended to check the readiness of the coating using a viscometer or using a Baume hydrometer. The coating can then be hardened in air or by flaming off.

Storage / Handling Precautions

Perma-Cote 400S is classified as a HIGHLY FLAMMABLE PRODUCT, so appropriate precautions should be taken when handling and storing. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear protective clothing. Review the appropriate safety data sheet to ensure that the handling procedures are known and understood.

Packaging: 70 kg metal barrels.

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