Perma-cote 307W is a water based coating for moulds and cores used for casting
grey iron, nodular iron, malleable iron and for non-ferrous metals. It is based on
ironoxide and alumino-silicate fillers.


It is recommended for moulds and cores produced by various processes such as
cold-box, shell mounding or no-bake process.
Before use Perma-cote must be thoroughly mixed. It is ready for application and
should NOT be dilluted. It can be used:

  • by brush
  • by dipping
  • by spraying

Before use, the coating must be thoroughly mixed.

Coated models must be air dried or in an oven (at temperatures up to 55oC).

Storage / Handling Precautions

Perma-cote 307W should be stored in a dry place at a temperature of 4-30C.


Coverage Perma-cote 307W should not freeze!

Packaging: plastic containers of 35 kg.

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