Perma-cote 300S is a corundum alcohol based nonstick coating for foundry applications.

It is used for coating moulds and cores for casting SG Iron, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, and also Non-Ferrous alloys.

It is suitable for use with most Binder Systems including furan, alkaline phenolic andsodium silicate.


It can be applied:

  • by brushing
  • by dipping
  • by flooding
  • by spraying

When dipping or spraying the coating must be diluted by ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. The coating can then be dried in air or by burning off.

Storage / handling precautions

It should be stored in a dry place, far from any heat sources.

It is recommended to stir the coating well, before use!

Packaging: 70 litre metal drums.

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