To improve the quality of castings, auxiliary materials are widely used for foundry production, the assortment of which includes a large number of types and applications. They can be used to protect castings from burning, for gluing half-molds, for sealing joints, cleaning molds and cores and many other processes. Such materials for foundry improve the quality of castings, increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Assortment of materials

The Ukrfavorit company sells the following casting materials from a European manufacturer.

  • Coretek 1 adhesive for cores and shapes. The use of this material ensures excellent bonding strength. Coretek 1 is a very convenient and practical material which is characterized by high heat resistance and is designed to quickly connect the forms and rods manufactured by the No-bake and Cold box process.
  • Adhesive Coretek 22 as well as the previous one has proved itself well when gluing half-molds and rods. In addition to the connection, it protects the joints from breaking the melt during pouring. It\s possible to use this glue for installing Micanite on the coating of the inductor. Apply the substance with a spatula or by squeezing out of a tube. The maximum effect is achieved by preheating the adhesive to room temperature.
  • Coretek Putty repair mass is used for repair work and sealing cracks and joints on rods and shapes. In addition to the putty rods can be used for general repair and removal of defects on the surface of the form. It is applied with a spatula or manually creating a quick-drying finish.
  • Coretek Jointseal sealant is packaged in tubes and is a substitute for cords for sealing. This alternative casting auxiliary coating ensures the most accurate sealing of the joints. When applied with a sufficient layer at the points of contact, it ensures uniform distribution of forces between the half-molds, which increases the accuracy of the casting.
  • The METAL CLEANER cleaning solution is used to clean equipment used in cold-box and no-bake processes. It removes residues of resin and rubber coatings from the surface.

Auxiliary materials from ukrfavorit ltd

Representatives of the company are always ready to advise on the prices of auxiliary coatings for casting and will carry out the sale of the required amount of materials in the shortest possible time. Ukrfavorit ltd has long been engaged in the supply of materials for the foundry from Europe and is a leader in the domestic market. If you want to increase production efficiency and product quality, then you need to choose only high-quality materials that we are ready to provide you at any time and in any quantity.