Iron Oxide is used as an additive in the sand-resin mixture for cold-box and no-bake processes in order to modify the properties of the molds and cores. The main effects of the use of additives are:

  • oxidative effect and ability to react with carbon and nitrogen released during the decomposition of resin binders;
  • when interacting with quartz sand, a number of reaction products, such as fayalite, are released, which changes the properties of the sand mixture making it possible to reduce the tendency to form casting defects associated with thermal resizing of the mold when heated.

Iron Oxide is silver-black in appearance, solid granular, separated particles. Its main function is to prevent hot cracks, cuts in the production of steel and iron castings. Typical consumption of Iron Oxide when adding it to the sand-resin mixture is usually in the range from 2% to 4% of the mass of sand. In order to avoid hot cracks in steel castings prone to this type of defect, Iron Oxide should be about 2-3%.

In terms of use in the manufacture of rods for iron casting additive in the amount of 3-4% is most suitable for preventing slits and improving properties in the hot state.

Iron oxide is recommended for use with quartz sand with a grain size of 0.15 – 0.25 mm.


25 kg bag

1000 kg big bag

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