All materials for foundry are divided into basic, for example, cast iron, steel and alloys, and auxiliary materials. The latter include a variety of additives that are introduced into the mixture in the manufacture of molds and cores, to change their characteristics and properties. It can be a variety of refractory mixtures, nonstick, molding, separation, and many others.

Application of materials for casting

As a protective agent against burning, a thin film of antiburning coatings based on coal and wood dust, graphite powder, quartz and other materials is applied to the working surfaces of the forms and rods.

There are auxiliary mixtures to prevent sticking to the model and rods based on graphite, lycopodia or dried sand. To increase the flexibility of the rods, fibrous substances are used which, when poured, burn down and significantly increase the gas-permeable properties of the mixtures.

When working with magnetic alloys protective additives based on boric acid which are oxidized during casting are applied. When interacting with the molten metal, they create a protective layer that prevents magnesium from oxidation.

Iron oxide is a material. It is used in cold-box and no-bake processes when added to a sand-resin mixture to modify the characteristics of rods and shapes. The main effect of the use of iron oxide:

  • creating an oxidation effect and the possibility of entering into reaction with carbon and nitrogen which are released during the disintegration of binders;
  • interacting with sand fayalite occurs which alters the properties of the quartz mixture and reduces casting defects.

The main objective of Iron Oxide is to prevent the occurrence of hot cracks when casting iron and steel products.

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