It is a special sealant which is supplied in tubes for practical use.


A substitute or alternative to sealing cords which allows for a more accurate sealing of the joints. Apply sealant with the required layer at the points of contact (contact between the half-molds / rods). It provides uniform distribution of pressure between the upper and lower half-molds, reliable compaction, effective elimination of bays and metal drift along the plane of the connector improving the accuracy of casting dimensions.

Handling precautions:

It contains components that may be harmful if mistreated. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, use the necessary protective clothing and personal protective equipment. Review the appropriate safety data sheet to ensure that the correct procedures for handling the sealant are known and understood.


Coretek Jointseal must be kept away from direct sunlight and in well ventilated areas.

Important! Must be stored at above zero temperatures!


Plastic tubes of 2kg.

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