It is a highly reactive self-hardening inorganic glue for cores and shapes. Coretek 1 glue provides excellent strength when gluing half-molds and cores. It is a convenient practical material; it has good thermal quality and is suitable for quick bonding of half-molds and rods of mixtures for the No-bake and Cold box processes (including liquid glass).

To obtain a good result, before using the bottle with glue should be shaken and placed in a warm place (+ 15 ° C … + 25 ° C). Open the package, apply a thin layer on the bonding surface.

Beforehand, it is necessary to clean the surfaces to be glued from dust and other types of contamination.

Handling precautions:

Work with Coretek 1 glue is necessary in goggles and rubber gloves. If glue gets into your eyes, rinse the affected area with plenty of warm water and consult a doctor.

Glue is not fire hazardous.

Storage conditions:

Dry heated, ventilated room with an air temperature of + 5 ° C … + 23 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 70%. Protect from freezing. Warranty period of storage in hermetically sealed container is 12 months.

Packaging: PVC bottles of 1.5 kg

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