Coretek 22 glue provides excellent strength when gluing half-molds and cores. It is a convenient, practical material. This material has good thermal properties and is suitable for gluing half-molds from liquid-glass and mixures for the No-bake and Cold box processes, and protects the junction points of the half-forms from metal breakthrough during pouring. Glue is also used for sticking Micanite on the coating of the inductor. It can be put with the pallet or evenly squeezed out from a tube. To obtain a good result, before using the tube of glue should be placed in a warm room. Open the package, apply a thin layer on the bonding surface. Beforehand, it is necessary to clean the surfaces to be glued from dust and other types of contamination.

Storage conditions

Dry heated, ventilated room with an air temperature of + 5 ° C … + 23 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 70%.

Safety Information:

Work with Coretek 22 glue is necessary in goggles and rubber gloves. If glue gets into your eyes, rinse the affected area with plenty of warm water and consult a doctor. Glue is not fire hazardous.

Shipping Details

Can be transported by road and rail.

Additional safety measures during transportation are not required.

Warranty period of storage in hermetically sealed container is 12 months.

Packaging: tubes of 1 kg.

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