Low odor solution for cleaning metal parts of equipment for cold-box and no-bake processes and tools.


A cleaner is designed to remove tar from any metal surface, for example, metal core boxes, mixers, metal tubes for blowing mixtures of core machines, metal tools.

METAL CLEANER softens and dissolves the majority of synthetic resins, plastics, and rubber coatings, therefore it is necessary to avoid contact of the cleaner with plastic and rubber gaskets. It also softens / removes paint varnish and plastic coatings.

Handling precautions:

It contains components that can be harmful if mistreated. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, use the necessary protective clothing and personal protective equipment. Review the appropriate safety data sheet to ensure that the correct procedures for handling the cleaner are known and understood.

Packaging: 25 kg and 200 kg barrels.

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