As an analogue of the Cold Box system the pep-set process is widely used. The main difference is the possibility of curing rods and molds using liquid amine. This feature provides the ability to use the system on standard equipment for the No-bake and Cold box process. The advantages include the ability to work with regenerated sand, increased strength characteristics of rods, and performance.

Advantages of the pep-set process

The benefits of using pep-set resin are obvious.

  • It is suitable for the manufacture of rods for casting products from iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.
  • It makes possible to adjust the parameters of the production of rods in a wide range.
  • It has low sensitivity to sand quality, temperature and humidity indicators of the environment.
  • The mixtures are characterized by high fluidity that reduces energy costs due to the high degree of compaction of the tooling.
  • After hardening, no toxic substances are emitted, hardening occurs evenly.
  • These materials for foundry are able to withstand high temperatures, reduce the amount of burns.
  • Due to the low binder content, the amount of toxic substances is reduced by half during pouring and cooling.

Ukrfavorit ltd offers to buy a resin for the pep set process of the PERMACURE AS series which can be used on rods of any size, as well as hardeners AS 10, AS 20, AS 30 that allow you to set a different hardening rate.

When using resin and catalysts, it is necessary to provide adequate means of protection for workers since personnel may be injured if it comes into contact with mucous membranes or skin. For storage, it is necessary to provide a well-ventilated room, as well as temperature conditions ranging from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius.

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