The PERMACURE AS series is a cold curing system consisting of 3 parts based on proven urethane resin technology. This system can be used for widespread use due to its high cure rate. The benefits include:

  • Excellent bench life
  • Good humidity resistance
  • Low resin wipe
  • High tensile and out of box strength

The PERMACURE AS system consists of:

  • Part I – phenolic resin in solution
  • Part II – modified isocyanine component
  • Part III – liquid catalyst

Application: PERMACURE AS is suitable for a wide range of applications. Small or large, moulds or cores, in high or low production runs. Most metals, including steel, iron, bronze and light-alloy castings are can be produced with these products.

Typical addition rates would be 0.5-0.8% of Part I and Part II (BOS) but dependent upon type of sand, equipment in use and core box design.

A wide range of catalysts offers extended bench life properties with some sacrifice of storage stability.


PERMACURE AS Part I – 25, 50 and 200 litre drums, 1000 litre IBC’s

PERMACURE AS Part II – 25, 50 and 200 litre drums, 1000 litre IBC’s

Catalysts Part III – 5, 25, 50 and 200 litre drums

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