The separation coating Trigel HD is a self-drying suspension with a high content of fine aluminum metal in a liquid organic carrier. Trigel HD coating is applied to all types of sand molds / cores and basic materials (metal, wood, plastic) used to make tooling. The use of Trigel HD is especially effective on the core boxes and in places of difficult removal of the mold from the model.


Trigel HD can be applied with a brush or cloth. Application should be carried out in a well-ventilated area to reduce the effects of solvent vapor. The release agent must be applied quickly and at the same time avoid its excessive use. The applied layer should not be too thick – this will help avoid sticking of the release layer to the form in easily removable places.

Storage / Handling Precautions

Separating Trigel HD should be kept away from direct sunlight and in well ventilated areas. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear protective clothing. Trigel HD is classified as flammable and should be kept away from any sources of fire / sparks. Review the appropriate safety data sheet to ensure that the correct procedures for handling the material are known and understood.

Packaging: 9 kg metal buckets.

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