For easier removal of rods from a snap separation coatings are widely used. During the molding of such materials for the foundry industry do not allow the coupling of the mold with the model, as well as the rod with the core box. This effect is ensured by coating the surface of the tooling. This allows you to significantly increase the number of operations and the quality of the manufactured forms and cores.

Application area

Using Trigel HD is possible in manufacturing of sand molds and cores as well as materials used in the manufacture of tooling. Special efficiency is provided when drawing on core boxes and places where it is difficult to remove a form from model.

Application can be done with a brush or cloth, and should be carried out in a room equipped with ventilation. The latter requirement is due to the reduction of the negative effects of solvent vapor on humans.

The separation coating TRIGEL LD as well as the previous version can be applied to all processes and materials. Its use increases the separation capacity and reduces the drying time.

It is applied with a brush or as a spray in a special ventilated room. The coating must be applied quickly, avoiding use beyond necessity. To prevent sticking in places where abrasion is possible it is not recommended to apply the coating intensively.

For mixtures based on liquid glass, STRIPTEK 75 is used which can be used both on molding lines and in the case of manual molding. One application of the composition provides easy removal of forms for five “broaches”. It is recommended to apply with a spray gun to save material.

Separation coatings from ukrfavorit ltd

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