Permacat furan catalyst – PTSA-based. Catalysts are a very important part of the “No-bake and Cold box process” system. Correct and careful choice of the catalyst has a significant impact on all aspects of the binder system, i.e. productivity, addition rates, reclamation rates.

Application. For the manufacturing casting molds and cores in conjunction with resins PERMASET

Catalyst type

The choice of the type of catalyst PERMACAT depends on the required curing time (removal of model equipment), sand temperature, the environment and other conditions, i.e. requirements for sulfur dioxide emission, form strength when removing equipment, etc.

Handling Precautions

PERMACAT catalysts contain components that can be dangerous if mishandled. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear protective clothing. Review the appropriate safety data sheet to ensure that the procedures for handling the catalyst are known and understood.

Attention! It is prohibited to mix PERMACAT 123 directly with furan resins such as PERMASET. These materials should only be mixed together with sand.

Storage. Catalysts PERMACAT are prone to crystallization when kept at temperatures below 0 o C for prolonged periods. It is therefore recommended that all catalysts be stored above +1…30o C in closed containers. In these conditions the material would have a minimum shelf life of 12 months.

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