The use of furan resin in the foundry industry has become widespread. These materials for the foundry industry are widely used in the preparation of No-bake and Cold box process which are subsequently cured by acid catalysts. Due to the reduced formaldehyde content in the resin and the lack of odor, working conditions are significantly improved, and environmental pollution is reduced.

The advantage of using binders in the furan process is the following: with minimum consumption it is possible to obtain shapes and rods of the highest strength which significantly reduces the cost of casting and improves the quality of products. Basically, the cost reduction is due to the increased strength of the mixture which together with nonstick coatings allows producing the surface of the casting without burns and reducing the cost of finishing operations.

Materials for furan process

In this section, you can familiarize yourself with the list of materials for the furan process, as well as buy a furan resin for No-bake and Cold box process. Our company sells the following types of materials for furan process:

  • PERMASET 839, 870. This type of binder is used in the manufacture of molds and casting cores in combination with Permacat hardeners. The use of such binders allows you to apply up to 90% of regenerated sand which is ideal for the technological process of manufacturing steel and cast iron castings.
  • Catalysts PERMACAT 123, 127, 128, 132. They are used for curing resin and are an integral part of chemical synthesis. With proper use of furan catalysts, the process can improve productivity, level of regeneration and the number of used binders. The main consideration when choosing a hardener is to pay for the required hardening time, the temperature of the sand mixture, the environment.

If you decided to use furan resin then you need to take into account that both the resin and the catalysts contain components that can be dangerous if used improperly. It is necessary to work with such materials with the use of protective equipment and in no case can one directly mix the catalyst with the resin without the sand mixture. Therefore, before using binders it is necessary to equip a special room for their proper and safe storage.

Furan resin from ukrfavorit ltd

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