The process was developed in the USA more than 50 years ago and during this time it managed to firmly establish itself in the foundry industry. The core mixture in this technology consists of quartz sand, phenolic resin and polyisocyanate. Cold box amin resin components are mixed with sand, and the mixture is pneumatically fed into the equipment. The evaporated catalyst and air mixture pass through the sand mixture that allows uniform hardening of the core or form to be achieved within a matter of seconds. This system has proven itself in the production of castings from all types of alloys.

Materials for cold box amin process

This process is characterized by very high rates of productivity due to the fast curing cycle. In addition, using special materials for foundry production, high accuracy of core sizes and shapes is observed, and energy and labor costs are reduced.

You can buy the following products for this process:

  • PERMAURE 705 and 944 resin. These binders are the most popular. The resin has such properties as high moisture resistance, increased strength and durability. These properties together with the low consumption of amine make it possible to apply the process over a wide range. With this material it is possible to cast products from various metals, however, the resin PERMAСURE 705 and 944 are more focused on the use in steel casting.
  • Hardeners PERMAURE TEA and DMEA. They are based on a tertiary amine and are used to cure the resin.

It should be noted that catalysts are flammable material, and when combined with air they can form explosive mixtures, that’s why it’s necessary to have special storage conditions for materials.

Resin for cold box amin process from ukrfavorit ltd

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