The use of resin for the alpha set of the process can significantly improve the environmental performance in the foundry industry and produce high quality products. The most widespread this process was in the manufacture of steel casting, reducing the cost of finishing operations and improving product quality.

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The use of cold-hardening mixtures allows you to provide cost-effective and efficient technology to create molds and cores for casting. Alpha set allows you to produce castings of various sizes without the use of heat drying, which greatly reduces gas consumption and at the same time improves the quality of the work pieces. The environmental friendliness of casting is increased, the scrap is minimized and labor costs are significantly reduced.

The use of resin for the alpha set of process materials of this technology allows foundries to improve the quality of castings without increasing their cost. The advantages of using this process allow you to easily remove the equipment, reduce the wear of models, and reduce the amount of pollution and failure of models. All this leads to the fact that the process of changing models is greatly facilitated, which is a great advantage when producing small batches of products.

The unique shrink properties of the resin allow reducing the number of defects during casting. Gas defects are almost completely reduced due to the low nitrogen content, the absence of phosphorus and sulfur compounds. Carburization of the surface layer of alloy steel products is decreased.

Our company offers the following materials for foundry production:

  • Alkaline resins for no-bake process PERMABIND 404, 440, 446.
  • Hardeners PERMABIND +6, +8, +9, 103, 104.

The use of this resin together with hardeners allows for a low level of toxic excretions during molding and pouring, and also makes it possible to use up to 80% of regenerated sand. Using PERMABIND ensures the production of high-quality castings of steel and iron.

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