A series of mold handlers for transporting and assembling forms designed for ease of use and ease of maintenance. Mold handlers are manufactured with different power and with different types of drives (electric, pneumatic and hydraulic) to meet all the necessary requirements of customers.

The movements of the mold handlers clamps are controlled by pressing the control keys for precise positioning of the clamps. Clamp pressure can be adjusted in pneumatic and hydraulic mold handlers; the clamp pressure adjuster allows you to select the optimum compression that is suitable for the type of mold and the molding process.

Clamp scales are equipped with universal joints that allow you to adjust the angle of the plates depending on the shape. Two spherical bearings support the joints and the scales of the mold handlers that allows you to turn the clamped forms in manual mode; locking device allows you to lock the clamps in 4×90⁰ positions.

Mold handlers with hydraulic and electric drives can also be supplied with a coup system controlled by pressing a key.


  • Converter with drive (only for electro or hydraulic versions)
  • An opportunity to connect control of the lifting device (crane, crane-beam)
  • The ability to produce a mold handler of non-standard sizes
  • High load capacity
  • Beam-like design minimizes crane height.

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