High Speed Sand Mixers TRITON

  • single-arm, two-arm, mobile (mobile)
  • productivity from 2.0 to 60 tons / hour
  • sleeve length from 1.5m to 8.0m
  • for all cold curing processes

Standard Properties

  • all mixing blades are made of wear-resistant high-strength cast iron or strong steel
  • quick-release auger with adjustable blades
  • pumps for chemicals with inverter motor
  • check valves on chemical pumps
  • robust reliable design for long use
  • bolt type security lock Guard-master


  • tungsten paddles
  • sand shutters for various types of sand and various types of mixture
  • filters installed at the pump inlets
  • pause timers and alarms
  • auto calibration properties
  • Selecta-mixture (manual control of a mixture of catalysts)
  • 30 liters additive supply unit
  • PORTAMIX converter with hopper 1000kg (fixed or removable)
  • removable hopper with minimum level and autoload sensor
  • mechanized primary hose (for double-arm mixers only)
  • motorized auger (for two-arm mixers only)
  • calibration cranes
  • adjustable dumping height with hydraulic control (vertical)
  • horizontal pneumatic movement of the auger
  • sand level sensors with auto loading
  • sand temperature indicator
  • pneumatic self-cleaning gutter at the sand outlet
  • exhaust hood
  • infrared or radio control

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