Dnepropetrovsk switch plant

Project overview

DRSP, Dnipro – cooperation since January 2013. Together with the technological group of the enterprise, work on improving the quality of manufactured products. Periodic monitoring of the production process of molds / cores, analysis of the regenerate quality, making reports and issuing recommendations.

Currently, DRSP is the only enterprise in Ukraine that produces switches and components for railways, urban electric transport, subway tracks, railways of industrial enterprises, etc. Foundries of the enterprise are equipped with modern molding equipment, which allows producing high quality products. The company’s policy is aimed at constant development and improvement of products, the use of new technologies, and the renewal of technological equipment.

Project details

  • Year: 2013
  • Work done: Improving the quality of manufactured products
  • Diploma: PJSC "Dnipropetrovsk Railway Switch Plant" is awarded for long-term cooperation, increasing of production outputs in Ukraine 2017, and manufacturing products corresponding to high European standards.
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