PJSC "Armaprom"

Project overview

Public joint-stock company “Armaprom” is part of JSC “Promarmatura” and specializes in the production of industrial pipeline equipment that finds wide application in the oil, gas and processing complexes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, food and other industries. Foundries of the company are equipped with various molding equipment allowing obtaining castings from several kilograms to several tons.

Specialized smelting equipment allows smelting various types of ferrous, alloyed and non-ferrous alloys while, unlike other enterprises, a special smelting technology allows to obtain alloys with minimum carbon content. Large-size castings are made based on No-bake and Cold box processes technology using modern FAT mixers. The company has a powerful thermal and mechanical processing complex which allows it to produce both cast parts and finished products.

Project details

  • Year: 2012
  • Work done: Launching molding equipment
  • Diploma: Diploma is awarded to PJSC “Armaprom” for long-term cooperation, stability of production volumes and commitment to English traditions.
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