Novovolynsky Foundry

Project overview

Joint work with the company since February 2014. Work in various areas: increasing efficiency, reducing the number of defects in castings, eliminating hot cracks, introducing modern binding systems, release coatings, cooling coatings, periodical supervising the production of castings with issuing recommendations.

PJSC Novovolynsk Foundry is one of the largest foundries in the western region of Ukraine, and it manufactures products for railway rolling stock, castings from steel, gray iron, aluminum alloys, spare parts for automotive and agricultural equipment (flywheels, cases, rollers, sprockets, wheels guides, wheels), church bells. The company has various molding equipment including modern line for No-bake and Cold box processes, core machine for the production of rods up to 50 kg.

The company also has modern laboratory equipment that allows obtaining accurate data on the chemical analysis of alloys, mechanical properties, as well as a modern land laboratory that controls the properties of molding compounds, coatings, etc. for compliance with the parameters of the process. The company’s team is constantly working to improve product quality, reduce the time for launching new types of products into production.

Project details

  • Year: 2014
  • Work done: Setting the casting process
  • Diploma: Diploma "For many years of cooperation, a stable position in the casting market and commitment to work with European materials"
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