Project overview

PJSC “Dneprotyazhmash” – cooperation since February 2012, work on improving the quality of the casting surface, together with the staff of the company and the IMF commissioner, start and setting the technological process of producing molds for No-bake and Cold box processes on phenolic resins. Staff training on the basic principles of working with the No-bake and Cold box processes systems. Together with the technological group of the company, they participated in setting the process of manufacturing castings for the London Underground.

It is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine producing a variety of engineering products: machinery, components and parts for blast-furnace production; machines and technological equipment for coke chemical production; knots of the power equipment; transport and unloading equipment, equipment and components for mines and tunnels, etc. In foundries of the enterprise, castings from 100 kg to dozens of tons are made from iron, high-strength iron, steel. The company has a powerful set of equipment for thermal and mechanical processing of castings.

Project details

  • Year: 2012
  • Work done: Starting and setting the technological process of production of forms for the No-bake and Cold box processes
  • Diploma: Diploma is awarded to PJSC "Dneprotyazhmash" represented by the director Harchenko V.V. “For commitment to English traditions in foundry industry 2017, and manufacturing products corresponding to high European standards”.
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