Without Visas to Europe for business

Without Visas to Europe for business

Service overview

How to make your products be in demand at European markets? How to get quickly to Europe?

The answer is simple: you need to contact the specialists of the company “Ukrfavorit”.

We will help:

  • provide European raw materials and equipment;
  • take care of the customer, product and workers in production, using the English ancient casting tradition;
  • we‘ll help you to take the necessary steps for exporting if you have decided on the European market;
  • we will find a specialist for you who will accredit the participant of foreign economic activity at the customs and take actions to export products;
  • we’ll organize legal security and support of transactions in the execution of international contracts;
  • we will help to eliminate the risks of the exporter;
  • we’ll help you find a reliable carrier that will quickly and timely deliver your goods to Europe;
  • we will assist in creating safe trading conditions using the services of the customs authorities, save valuable time as you can spend 3-4 years trying to do this yourself;
  • we’ll provide information on the list of permits for export, based on the practice of exporters of foundry products.